Submitted by Becky Porter, Malaria Partners International Supporter

To cap off our time together in Zambia, we traveled to South Luangwa National Park and stayed at South Luangwa Wildlife Camp. There we had the joy of experiencing day and evening game drives, witnessing the ecosystem of Africa’s glorious animal kingdom across a landscape of lowland fields, dried basins and rivers.

Thanks to the expert navigation by our Wildlife Camp guides, we were able to see towers of giraffes, zeals of zebras, pride of lions, antisocial warthogs, elephants kicking and pulling up roots like meticulous farmers, lazy river hippos, herds of spunky impalas and others within the antelope family, all the while encircled by curious and crafty monkeys and brightly painted birds. We were especially lucky to find the very elusive leopard with an unlucky impala 20 feet up in a tree as a hyaena waited below.

In addition to the wildlife, our final few days at the safari camp provided the group the opportunity to come back together and share experiences from this excursion: home-stays, conversations with volunteers working in the field, and share observations and ideas about how the group can continue to focus and evangelize efforts of the Malaria Partners International work…all over delicious meals and perhaps while raising a gin and tonic or two.


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