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In the fight against malaria nothing is more important than education. In order to see the end of malaria we must continue to educate ourselves and the community at large. Here in the Malaria Partners International education center you can find a host of educational resources both created by Malaria Partners International and curated from our partners around the world.

Featured Webinar

Intersection of Malaria and Climate Change

Malaria Partners International and Malaria No More discussion on the intersection of malaria and climate change. Panelists will explore the connection between planetary health and global health; and the impact of climate on malaria resource mobilization.

Malaria’s Rising Toll In the COVID Shadow

Will the world’s preoccupation with COVID set the stage for 800,000 malaria deaths this year? Join global health titans as they discuss preventing a worldwide resurgence of one of mankind’s deadliest diseases.

Leaving No One Behind with Unicef

Valentina Buj, Global Malaria and Health Partnership Advisor at UNICEF, provides an in-depth discussion of why children and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to malaria, the challenges and opportunities in protecting these two groups, as well as touching upon the potential impact of climate change on malaria transmission.

COVID-19 and the Fight to End Malaria

Malaria Partners International and RAM-Global (Rotary Action Group) co-present “COVID-19 and the Fight to End Malaria,” highlighting the importance and challenges of maintaining malaria elimination efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magnifying Malaria: Looking At Microscopy at Ghana

This Malaria Partners International webinar entitled Ghana Microscopy Project, features Malaria Partners International Board Member Jim Mulry. Jim is the Head of Diagnostics for the Global Health Initiative for Merck (Germany). His specialty is introducing new medical technologies into emerging economies.

Malaria 101

Malaria Partners International Webinar series aims to engage the malaria prevention community on unique topics of interest accessible to everyone. Frank Boosman, Malaria Partners International Board Member, shares the 101 on malaria, including its transmission cycle and the role of Rotary in eradication.

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