Malaria and Gender Equity.

Jan 26 – 10:00am GMT

The next in our ongoing webinar series is a deep look at the effects of gender roles and equality on the fight against malaria.  Women and girls are at high risk of dying of malaria. The unique barriers to care that women and girls face creates devastating setbacks to their health. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt malaria prevention and treatment programs, it is more important than ever to recognize the significant role gender plays in malaria morbidity. Combating gender inequity is essential to fighting malaria.

Our Panelists

Valentina Buj

Global Malaria Advisor | Unicef

Valentina Buj de Lauwerier is global malaria and health partnership advisor at UNICEF. Since 2008, she has worked to assist countries to continue scaling up integrated malaria interventions and works to foster greater harmonization among global malaria initiatives. Mrs. Buj de Lauwerier spends much of her time working in malaria-endemic countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, and Mozambique.

Sangri Singh


Olivia Ngou

Founder and Executive Director | Impact Santé Afrique

Olivia has a strong interest in all aspects of public health, particularly malaria control and maternal and child health. She strives to make her humble contribution to help create a world where no one dies “by a mosquito bite”. She is committed to ensuring that communities are equally included in malaria control and overall health programs. Recently, she developed a guide on community issues, social rights and gender in malaria control programs; and also a tool for Civil Society to increase participation in Global Fund mechanisms. Finally, she co-founded and established the first Global Civil Society Network for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME) which she is currently the global coordinator.

“I believe that building resilient community systems, mobilizing local leaders and empowering communities are essential to defeat and sustain the fight against the diseases. I believe that by working together with the global and local community, by working harder and smarter, by not giving up on anyone, we can win the fight against the diseases which cost so many lives . The work must be achieved. Success is in our hands.”

Jessica Rockwood

President | International Public Health Advisors

Jessica Rockwood has over 20 years of professional experience working at the intersection of international development and business. Consulting services have been provided to Roll Back Malaria, UNDESA/DSD, the World Bank, United Nations Foundation, The Global Fund, and corporate clients in sectors including public health, transportation, and energy. She has extensive experience in Africa developing awareness campaigns, public policies, and funding mechanisms to prevent malaria and other infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. Mrs. Rockwood has particular expertise in the funding, procurement and partnership practices of donor agencies, including conducting evaluations to measure results and developing toolkits to improve adherence to guidelines.

Our Moderator

Marsha Mutisi

Board Member|Malaria Partners International

Marsha is a trusted, accomplished leader who applies her collaborative skills in mobilizing actions and resources for working groups and service organizations e.g. Washington Global Health Alliance and various immigrant communities in the Pacific Northwest. Currently Marsha is a Senior Solution Manager on contract at Microsoft. Her prior professional background focused on management consulting with Accenture for Microsoft as well as Nordstrom and several other major companies in the Pacific Northwest.  She holds a BSc degree in Business Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening in her backyard and community gardens, live music events and spending time with her two children.



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Webinar Series

The Malaria Partners International Webinar Series was created in an effort to increase the dialogue around malaria, specifically around subjects that are under-addressed on a wide scale. We seek to amplify voices and build connections within the global health community centered around malaria.

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