Steve Crane’s unexpected and tragic passing created an indelible void within Malaria Partners International. His unwavering commitment to polio and malaria eradication, his warm friendship, and his tireless efforts to help others in the face of his own polio-related disabilities leaves a legacy from which we can all draw inspiration.

It is in that light, reflecting upon Steve’s efforts, that your Malaria Partners International Board is determined to maintain, and accelerate, the momentum gained during the last fiscal year. Our goals for the coming twelve months are aggressive but attainable.  And while our mission remains to, “generate a broad international Rotarian campaign for the global elimination of malaria,” our most prominent near-term objectives include:

  • Complete the funding of two Rotary global grants for malaria intervention in the Copperbelt region of Zambia, totaling over $1.35 million, positively impacting over 1.6 million residents, while engaging over 40 Rotary clubs to support these efforts.
  • Act as a malaria project incubator by providing guidance and small grants to Rotary clubs based in Malaria Partners International malaria priority areas: Uganda, Zambia, The Gambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Nigeria.
  • Conduct a day-long international malaria educational symposium in conjunction with the annual Rotary International Conference in June 2020.
  • Continue to build upon our strategic partnerships with NGOs engaged in malaria elimination such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH/MACEPA, US AID/President’s Malaria Initiative, the Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP), World Vision, among others.
  • Develop our collaborative relationship with other Rotary led organizations involved in malaria elimination, such as Rotary members Against Malaria (RAM), and Rotary members Eliminating Malaria – a Rotary Action Group (REMaRAG).
  • Expand Rotary’s malaria intervention in Uganda and Zambia through our affiliate organizations, RMP Uganda (Malaria Partners InternationalU) and Malaria Partners International Zambia (RMPZ).
  • Further develop educational and advocacy efforts at African Rotary District Conferences  – 9211, 9210, 9101 and 9212.

The coming year promises to be one of exceptional opportunities for Malaria Partners International to significantly expand our malaria elimination field projects, while at the same time educating more worldwide Rotary members on the importance and lifesaving potential of malaria elimination. 

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