Pictured Above: Rotarians happily receiving anti Malaria drugs from Joint Medical Stores 

The Malaria Prevalence Eradication Among Rural Community in Yumbe, Uganda is a small grant combatting malaria in their community. This grant is funded by Malaria Partners International Small Grants Program and the host club, Rotary Club of Yumbe. The project kicked off in April, below are photos from the project launch.


The project will conduct activities including malaria testing and treating, community mobilization, the training of Village Health Teams (VHTs), data reporting and surveying, and radio talks to spread awareness. 

Through this Small Grant:

  • The host club will raise and plant mosquito-repellant vegetation.
  • The host Club will invite VHTs to the Rotary meeting to teach about malaria prevention. Ministry of Health a will provide
    subsequent training to the VHTs and Rotarian’s who will train the participating villages/households.
  • Village Health Technicians (VHTs) will establish the Malaria Control funds, with supervision by the Rotarian’s.
  • VHTs will conduct the testing, assisted by Rotarian’s as needed.
  • VHTs will distribute medications, assisted by Rotarian’s as needed.
  • Villagers will maintain the mosquito-repellent vegetation and propagate cuttings to be planted in another village.
  • VHTs will distribute mosquito nets, assisted by Rotarian’s as needed.
  • VHTs and Rotarian’s will jointly revise the budget if the number of persons requiring treatment is significantly greater
    or less than the projection, and if the number of mosquito nets initially required differs significantly from the projected
    amount. As a result of those revisions, the number of persons impacted by this grant may deviate from the projection
    by up to 5% or 150 persons. Any changes will be fully documented in the grant report.

Pictured: Community dialogue on Malaria in the Morudu Village, Yumbe District.

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