By Eric Liswaniso, Programs Manager,  Malaria Partners Zambia

Community Sensitization Activities

Drama Performances

The Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia (PMFZ) project has been actively engaged in community sensitization activities this quarter. In collaboration with the Malaria Youth Corps (MYC), a youth movement trained by the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) and the National End Malaria Council, 22 drama performances were conducted across the four districts supported by the project in Muchinga Province. These performances were well-received by the community and helped to raise awareness about malaria prevention and control measures.

The project also enjoyed great support from Rotarian volunteers during the course of these activities. Rotaractors, a Rotary-sponsored youth organization, played a key role providing logistical support and engaging with community members during the drama performances.

While in Mpika, the volunteers also participated in the handover of a community garden planted at Chibansa Rural Health Centre by Vertical Impact Foundation (VI). The garden, planted under VI’s Gardens for Resilience, Opportunity and Wellness (GROW) initiative, is promoting maternal health by meeting the nutritional needs of expectant mothers admitted to the Chibansa RHC. This community-led initiative was inspired by the work of the PMFZ project.

Radio Shows

In addition to the drama performances, PMFZ also supported community sensitization through six radio shows at Mpika FM radio station. These shows covered various topics related to malaria, polio vaccination campaigns, nationwide mass distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, and other Ministry of Health activities.

Data Management Activities

Data Review Meetings

PMFZ is committed to strengthening malaria data management practices at all levels of the health system. This quarter, the project conducted Malaria Data Review Meetings (DRMs) targeted at all health centers and data community health workers in Shiwang’andu district.

DRMs are aimed at reviewing health facility and community-level malaria data to help data producers appreciate the importance of the data they produce for effective malaria elimination interventions. The DRMs also show the district performance in terms of malaria data management. Another DRM targeted at Mpika is scheduled for the week starting November 26th.

Facility Level Quarterly Review Meetings

The project also supported quarterly health facility-led data review meetings between health facility staff and community health workers. These meetings provide an opportunity for health workers to review their own performance regarding several metrics, including malaria case reporting, data quality, and completeness.

Upcoming Activities

The PMFZ project has a number of activities planned for the last weeks of the year. These activities include:

  • Capacity building and orientation of faith leaders in collaboration with the Faith Leader Advocacy for Malaria Elimination (FLAME) across 10 districts in Muchinga and Central provinces
  • The Provincial End Malaria Council meeting
  • Provincial Malaria Performance Review meetings

All of these activities are crucial in the efforts towards significantly reducing malaria incidence in the areas of intervention as we strive towards elimination.

Rotary Support

As usual, Rotarians remain an important cog in the wheel, supporting every single activity and epitomizing the matra “Service Above Self”. Their dedication and commitment to the fight against malaria are invaluable. We wouldn’t achieve the success we have without them.

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