We’ve assisted in twelve large malaria Global Grants, in addition to dozens of Small Grants, in malaria endemic regions throughout the world. This experience and expertise deliver effectiveness and international Rotary club participation.

Our affiliates – Malaria Partners Uganda, Malaria Partners Zambia, and Malaria Partners West Africa – provide coordination and support for in-country Rotary clubs initiating malaria Global Grants. U.S. based, we connects those clubs with international Rotary partners to fund the projects.

In late 2021, we celebrated the completion of the Copperbelt Phase Two Malaria Elimination Project. The project culminated the Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) through training Community Health Workers (CHWs), in three Districts of Zambia –  Mufulira, Kalulushi, and Luanshya.

Spearheaded by Rotarians, this Global Grant helps bring health care closer to families. CHWs are foot soldiers in the elimination of malaria, who will help prevent and treat malaria in their communities.  

Refresher Training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the Copperbelt District of Zambia Global Grant #2234108 

For the 1,055 Community Health Workers trained, they work in their communities to prevent and treat malaria. Global Grant #2234108 provides refresher trainings and supplies to 501 CHWs, trained in 2019 and 2020 through Rotary’s Copperbelt Malaria Elimination projects, Phases 1 and 1A.


The CHWs have now been with to their rural health facilities for 2-3 years. They work to prevent malaria in their communities and to timely detect and treat this deadly disease using the knowledge from their trainings and ongoing experience as part of Zambia’s rural health system. Early detection, at the community level, can dramatically reduce severe cases of malaria and death.


Today, CHWs test and treat malaria, responding to more than 50% of all cases in their districts. This allows health facilities to concentrate on other urgent health concerns.  CHWs also receive training in diagnosing diarrhea and lung disease, cases which they often refer to health facilities. At a ratio of 1 CHW per 500 residents, CHWs are providing health care for nearly 250,000 Zambians.
The current budget for the Global Grant is $365,000.

This funding covers the costs of:

    • Retraining Courses:  transportation, lodging, meals, training materials and the trainers and support personnel,
    • New phones for facilities and the CHWs who collect data
    • Bicycle repairs, which CHWS use for transportation,
    • New Rotary branded back packs; aprons, boots, Rotary shirts and caps,
    • PPE Replenishment,
    • Talk Time for CHWS to facilitate report case data, which is entered into the District Health Information System 2 (SHIS2) and data audits at the CHW and facility levels.

Your support for this important health system strengthening project would be most appreciated. Your contribution will be matched 100% by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Thank you!

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