The Rotary Club of Kakamega, Kenya is actively dedicated to creating a malaria-free community. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Health Kakamega County, they have embarked on an initiative supported by Malaria Partners International Small Grants Program.

“The Ministry of Health Kakamega County has been collaborating with Rotary Club of Kakamega in a number of health initiatives since 2016 spanning from Blood transfusion services, major renovations in Maternity and Pediatric wards at the Kakamega County General Hospital and Eyecare Outreach services.

In the latest initiative, we are coming together to distribute Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) among 3 villages in Kakamega County to mitigate malaria infections among a huge chunk of the population not covered by the National Malaria Program that normally target Pregnant women and <1s. We commit to give statistics for malaria burden at inception and monthly over the following six (6) months for the duration of monitoring. Our Health Records Information Officer (HRIO) will ensure the reporting is timely and accurate. By way of this letter, we convey our support and commitment to the initiative.”

Thank you,

Dr. Dixon Mchana Deputy Medical Superintendent – Innovation & Strategy


The primary objective of this project is to distribute Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) directly to households within the county.

In addition to the distribution of ITNs, the Rotary Club of Kakamega is committed to enhancing the local capacity to combat malaria. They are supplying and providing training to Community Health Workers, empowering them with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively address malaria within their communities. 

As part of their efforts, the Rotary Club of Kakamega is actively monitoring and reporting on the malaria burden in the area. This crucial data collection and analysis enable the project to assess the impact of their interventions and make informed decisions for future strategies. 

The funding for this initiative comes from the Malaria Partners International Small Grants Program, which supports projects aimed at reducing the impact of malaria worldwide. In addition to our grant funding, the host club, the Rotary Club of Kakamega, also contributed to the funding.

Through this approach of ITN distribution, Community Health Worker training, and data monitoring, the Rotary Club of Kakamega and their collaborative partners aspire to make a lasting impact on malaria in Kakamega County.

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