By Steven Shepelwich, Board Member, MPI

Malaria is a silent killer across much of Africa, accounting for 94% of the world’s malaria deaths. Uganda knows this well. Malaria is by far the leading cause of illness and death in the country.  In response, the Rotary Club of Muyenga is rallying efforts to eliminate the disease in two districts, Katakwi and Soroti, which have some of the highest malaria counts in the country.

Through a newly approved Rotary Global Grant, the Rotary club and its partners will train over 1,700 Village Health Team workers to provide services using the field -tested Integrated Community Case Management model for malaria elimination. Over 700,000 Ugandans in the area’s 1,117 villages will have access to ongoing rapid diagnosis and treatment for malaria through well-trained and supported community-based health volunteers.

The Rotary Club of Muyenga is joined by the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City, Malaria Partners International, World Vision and Pilgrim Africa in the project planning, management, and implementation activities. Many individual Rotary Clubs, the Rotary Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates and World Vision are providing the funding for this complex $1.2 million project. Collectively, all are demonstrating what can be done for good when we work together.

To learn more about this project, the impact of malaria, and what you can do to support malaria the fight against malaria, please visit our contact page or use the buttons below.

Project Overview: Uganda Malaria Elimination Project

Project Description:

  • Control malaria transmission, morbidity, mortality, prevalence through deployment of Village Health Team workers using the Integrated Community Case Management model. This approach expands health care access and provides ongoing rapid diagnosis and treatment for malaria through well-trained and supported community-based health volunteers.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Expand access to integrated community case management by training and equipping ~1,700 Village Health Team members
  • Strengthening the public health systems at the provincial, district, and community levels.

Experience with Related Projects:

  • This project is based on the experiences, lessons learned and theory of change of the first Rotary Program of Scale conducted in Zambia. In addition, the project builds on two successful Global Grants addressing malaria in the target area.

Key Partners:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision, PILGRIM Africa, RAM Global, Ugandan National Malaria Control Division, Uganda Ministry of Health

Club Information:

  • Host Club: Rotary Club of Muyenga
  • International Club: Rotary Club of Oklahoma City


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Highlights from World Malaria Day in Uganda

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May 2023 Science & Research Report

May 2023 Science & Research Report

  On 20 April, WHO published two pamphlets relating to malaria: (1) Monoclonal Antibodies for Malaria Prevention; Preferred Product Characteristics and Clinical Development Considerations and (2) Malaria Chemmoprevention; Preferred Product Characteristics.  Both...

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