Malaria Partners Uganda

Malaria Partners Uganda is a nascent organization that anticipates to draw exceptional strength from rallying Rotary members in Uganda in partnership with its Global Chapters and a wide spectrum of strategic partnerships – including Uganda’s Ministry of Health and Parliamentary Forum on Malaria – to change the Malaria prevalence and incidence landscape towards elimination.


MPU’s Board of directors and Secretariat consists of a committed group of Rotary members and relevant professionals collectively championing viable solutions for a Malaria-free Uganda. We understand the impact of Malaria on sustainable livelihood and development; therefor we exist to leverage collective action and resources towards its elimination countrywide.



Community Health Workers Trained

Population Served by Community Health Workers


Funding for Small Grants Projects

Advocacy plan

  1. Malaria Prevention through IVM; with the aim of achieving, and sustaining, protection of at least 85% of the Population at risk through recommended malaria prevention measures, our Strategic Interventions include LLIN, IRS, Larval source management, Lifestyle change and home siting

2. Malaria Case Management; the objective to iincrease levels of awareness, knowledge of Malaria signs & symptoms to support all case reporting & effective case management in the community & national level. Our Strategic Interventions are in Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria.

  1. Malaria in pregnancy and chemoprophelaxis; our goal is by 2024, at least 85% of the proportion of the target population is knowledgeable about, and utilize, Malaria treatment in pregnancy. Strategic Interventions include IPT, Malaria Treatment in Pregnancy and Chemoprophelaxis.

Katakwi Phase II

Malaria Partners International, together with 26 U.S. and Ugandan Rotary Clubs, are partners on a Rotary global grant “Katakwi Malaria Control Project (KMalaria Partners International), Phase II” currently underway in Katakwi District of Uganda. This innovative project is being conducted in collaboration by a number of strategic partners, including Pilgrim Africa (a U.S. and Uganda based NGO), Rotary International, the President’s Malaria Initiative, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Soroti Central Rotary Club is local host club on the Rotary global grant, and is working closely with Pilgrim Africa to provide logistic support and project oversight.

Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda becomes Malaria Partners Uganda

Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda becomes Malaria Partners Uganda

By Maddie Sjolund, Social Media Manager, Malaria Partners International Formerly known as Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda, we are pleased to announce the legal formation of Malaria Partners Uganda (MPU). MPU advocates for the elimination of malaria by defining impact...

Uganda Malaria Eradication Project  

Uganda Malaria Eradication Project  

The latest malaria eradication project (Global Grant #2229453) is aimed to eradicate malaria in Uganda, specifically in the provinces of Katakwi and Soroti.

Mavemap Small Grant Project Update 

Mavemap Small Grant Project Update 

Rotary Club of Mbale Metropolitan, in collaboration with Development Initiatives International (DII), celebrates the successful completion of the 8months MPI funded Market Vendors Malaria Project (MAVEMAP) among vendors in three markets of Mbale City; Mbale Central Market, Bugwere Road Market and Kikundu market from November 2020 to June 2021.