Photo Caption: Jeff Pritchard discusses Rotary’s potential malaria eradication role to the RC of Milwaukee.

In keeping with Malaria Partners International’ goal of advocating Rotary’s potential impact in malaria eradication, and to highlight the Gates Foundation matching opportunity, our Board members and Ambassadors continue our educational outreach to Rotary members and Rotary Clubs. Below is a list of some recent and upcoming malaria presentations:

January 21st – Tempe South, AZ       (Harry Short)

February 11th – Mercer Island, WA  (Jeff Pritchard)

February 17th – Nkwazi, Zambia       (Jim Moore)

February 18th – Lusaka, Zambia        (Jim Moore)

February 18th – Milwaukee, WS       (Jeff Pritchard)

February 18th – Luanshya, Zambia    (Jim Moore)

February 20th – Kalulushi, Zambia    (Jim Moore)

February 21st – Mufulira, Zambia      (Jim Moore)

March 3rd – Univ. California SF       (Larry Granat)

March 19th – Tacoma #8, WA           (Jeff Pritchard)

March 19th – Spokane, WA               (Ezra Teshome)

March 20th – Phoenix, AZ                 (Harry Short)

March 26th – Malaria Partners International Webinar Series    (Frank Boosman)

April 9th – University Sunrise, WA   (Sarah Weaver)

April 9th – Fisherman’s Wharf, CA   (Jim Moore)

April 10th – Maple Valley, WA         (Bill Feldt)

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