Lisha Du, China Relations Consultant

In an effort to increase our malaria collaboration efforts with mining companies in Zambia, those either owned or influenced by Chinese corporations, Malaria Partners International has contracted with consultant Lisha Du.   Ms. Du, in conjunction with Rotarian Malaria Partners Zambia, PATH, and Zambian Mining Associations, is developing a blueprint to more fully engage Copperbelt mining firms to more actively support community health initiatives related to both malaria and COVID-19.

A Chinese citizen, Lisha recently received her Master’s Degree in International Development Studies from George Washington University in DC, has authored several research papers on malaria issues in Zambia, and spent two years in Zambia writing and researching for the Lusaka-based Chinese newspaper.

We look forward to the prospect of welcoming Copperbelt mining companies into a more prominent collaborative role of battling malaria in their local communities.

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