Beginning this fiscal year, Malaria Partners International will recognize annual gifting categories.

For Individual Contributors                                                 Items of Appreciation                                    

$100-999                                 The Advocates Circle                          #1

$1,000-2,499                           The Silver Advocates Circle               #1 and #2

$2,500 and above                    The Eradicator Society                       #1, #2 and #3

#1        Certificate of Recognition

#2        Invitation to a Hosted Dinner in a private setting featuring a leading malaria expert

#3        Framed Personalized Malaria Partners International Recognition Certificate


For Foundations and Rotary Club Contributors                 Items of Appreciation

$1,000-2,499                           Malaria Partners International                   #1

$2,500- and above                   The Eradicator Society                       #1 and #2

#1        Certificate of Recognition

#2        Clubs will receive an opportunity to receive a presentation by a leading malaria eradication expert

All Rotary Clubs whose contributions have totaled more than $500 over the previous five years will receive alphabetized acknowledgement.

The Malaria Partners International Fundraising Reception is scheduled for March 12th, 2020 at the Rainier Club (Seattle).


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