On October 11, 2018, Malaria Partners International board members visited the Amnis Corporation, located in the Seattle neighborhood of Queen Anne, to learn more about the Muse Malaria Assays. Amnis is a Seattle based company that leads the world in flow imaging technology. It is a Merck (Germany) company, part of Millipore-Sigma. Amnis designs and markets custom flow imaging technologies for cellular research. The Muse is a wonderful delivery system that allows multiple tests on a single platform. It is a small flow cytometry instrument that delivers assays for T cell monitoring, leukocyte viability, and now malaria testing, tests that help deliver information concerning infectious diseases found in the developing world.

There are two new malaria assays being prepared for product launch. The first assay is a screening assay that distinguishes the two most prevalent species of malaria, vivax and falciparum. It is important that the correct species is identified because if patients are prescribed the wrong medicine, further deadly complications will develop. The assay is very accurate and sensitive, down to two parasites per micro liter of blood. It reduces the cost of testing when compared to more expensive technologies.

The second assay measures the quantity of parasites found in the blood sample. This is important to gauge the progression of malaria. It is ideal to ascertain if a medicine regimen is effective. Muse is also being used to monitor the progression of HIV/Aids throughout Africa. Read more here. After a presentation was delivered, the board was able to see one of the great biotechnology innovation leaders in Amnis and got to see a demonstration of the Muse malaria assays!


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