Stacey Ogle (l) with Modestine Kaoma(r)at the Tacoma #8 Meeting on 2/7/2019.

“Malaria Partners International is dedicated to advocacy on malaria eradication, and maintains an active schedule of Rotary club visits to present both our mission and opportunities to join in truly ground breaking global grants. Most recently we were honored to support the visit of Rotarian Modestine Kaoma from Mufilira, Zambia accompanied by Jeffrey Pritchard, Malaria Partners International Board officer, to the large Tacoma 8 club in Washington State on February 7th, 2019. Tacoma 8 has been a strong supporter of Rotary malaria eradication global grants in both Uganda and Zambia. Below, Modestine is warmly welcomed by Stacey Ogle of Tacoma 8’s International Service Committee.

On February 5, Nancy Osborne, Malaria Partners International Founder and current Malaria Partners International Ambassador, accompanied by Dr. Bill Hammond, traveled to present Malaria Partners International’s mission and project opportunities to the Oklahoma City Club – the 29th oldest club in the world and one of the largest.  Shown below with Dr. Hammond on his left is his college classmate Chuck Wiggin (past President of OKC 29)  and the current President of OKC 29 Tom Phillips.

Malaria Partners International Board Member Larry Granat, presenting at the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne in Key Biscayne Florida.  The Key Biscayne Club was the first recipient of Malaria Partners International’s small grant program award to support a large distribution of insecticide treated bednets in Venezuela where there was a large resurgence of malaria.  The Key Biscayne Club is also one of the supporting clubs on the Katakwi Rotary Malaria Project global grant in Uganda.

President Ssebunya Kizza of the Nateete Club of Kampala, Uganda has been visiting Ugandan clubs over the last month to share the Malaria Partners International mission and information on the “Katakwi Rotary Malaria Project” Rotary global grant. We are delighted to welcome more and more clubs into the Katakwi project in east Uganda! The photo on the left shows Rotarian Ssebunya with President Ann Kimera of the Rotary Club of Kampala Munyonyo on 16th February.

The photo shows President Ssebunya on the right. On the left is Rotarian Richard Kalungi, MD of the Rotary club of Kampala South, and a fellow visitor at the Rotary Club of Kisugu Victoria View where President Ssebunya was a guest speaker on February 12.


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