Malaria Partners West Africa (MPWA) has made significant progress in its efforts to combat malaria across ten West African countries during the first quarter of 2024. This blog post provides a detailed overview of the key activities and achievements of MPWA from January to March 2024.

Malaria Partners West Africa serves as the coordinating body for the Rotary District 9101 Subcommittee on Malaria, ensuring that malaria prevention programs in the district receive necessary grants and support. The organization is dedicated to advocating for malaria prevention and supporting national efforts to eliminate malaria in ten West African countries.


  • Serve as a coordinating body advocating for malaria prevention relief to contribute to national malaria elimination efforts in ten West African countries.

  • Oversee malaria prevention and control sensitization campaigns.

  • Support government efforts in the fight against malaria in each country of Rotary District 9101.

  • Work with national and international partners to help minimize the spread of malaria.


  • Help governments eliminate malaria within the ten West African countries that make up Rotary District 9101.


  • Effectively and efficiently coordinate and implement all Rotary District 9101 malaria prevention and control activities to help minimize the spread of malaria within each of the ten countries.


  • Implement malaria prevention and control campaigns to encourage good behavioral practices that reduce the spread of malaria and support the Ministry of Health and National Malaria Control Programme in minimizing malaria.

Key Activities (January – March 2024)

  1. Participation in MPI Joint Affiliate Meeting: MPWA participated in a joint meeting with affiliates from Malaria Partners Zambia, Malaria Partners Uganda, and Malaria Partners Zimbabwe to discuss collaborative strategies and share best practices.
  2. Project Proposal Review and Submission: The Rotary Malaria Committee of Burkina Faso’s project proposal, focusing on malaria screening and treatment for school-aged children in the Koubri community, was reviewed, edited, and submitted. The project aims to improve the health, attendance, and educational level of Koubri students through regular malaria screening and treatment.
  3. Preparations for Malaria Walk 2024 in Abidjan: Comprehensive preparations for the Malaria Walk 2024 included drafting and sending invitations to special guests, obtaining permits, organizing logistics, and preparing budget proposals. This event aims to raise awareness and mobilize community action against malaria. The budget covers various expenses, including media coverage, professional photography, hiring a theatrical drama group, a marching band, and the Red Cross Society for first aid.
  4. Planning the Joint Annual General Meeting (AGM): MPWA planned the AGM for Rotary Malaria Committees and MPWA, which will take place during the 11th Annual Rotary District 9101 Assembly and Conference in Abidjan. The AGM will bring together about 40-50 Rotarians to discuss malaria prevention strategies and include a guest speaker on tropical diseases. Expenses for the AGM include conference room rental, translation services, professional photography, transportation, and a buffet dinner.
  5. Website Content Development: Drafting summaries of achievements for Rotary Malaria Committees to be featured on the MPWA website, enhancing visibility and communication of their efforts.
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<p>Group photo at the launch of the Child to Family (C2F) school program by Malaria Partners Uganda at Malwa UMEA Primary School, featuring members of the Rotaract Club of Kampala North, local leaders, community members, and students holding posters of the proposed multipurpose hall.

Pending Activities

  • Project Proposal Small Grants Applications: Pending proposals from Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Cape Verde, and Côte D’Ivoire are being finalized for submission. These projects focus on malaria screening, treatment, and prevention sensitization in high-risk regions. Specific projects include:

    • Guinea Conakry: Malaria screening and treatment for over 2000 students, media sensitization, and World Malaria Day participation.
    • Liberia: A conference for private clinic owners to address misdiagnosis of malaria and training sessions for clinic staff on proper diagnosis and treatment.
    • Cape Verde: Sensitization campaigns in three malaria-prone communities, involving town hall meetings and educational outreach to maintain malaria-free status.
    • Côte D’Ivoire: Preparations for the Malaria Walk 2024 and subsequent malaria prevention activities.
  • Distribution of Backpacks: Out of 160 received backpacks, 35 have been distributed to CHWs. Plans are underway to distribute the remaining backpacks.

  • Regalia for CHWs: Distribution of CHW regalia is pending as many were absent at the launch event.

    Financial Report (January – March 2024)

    MPWA received $7,750 for the first quarter, with expenditures including executive director allowance, communications, travel, printing, and miscellaneous expenses. The total expenses amounted to $5,017.05, leaving a balance of $2,859.22 to be carried over to the second quarter. MPWA remains committed to eliminating malaria through strategic partnerships, effective project implementation, and community engagement. The organization will continue to monitor and review its activities to ensure impactful and sustainable malaria prevention efforts across West Africa.


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