Community Health Workers in Zambia

Our Approach

In 2022 alone, there were 249 million cases of malaria worldwide and malaria killed over 608,000 people, most of them being children under the age of five and pregnant women. Ninety-four percent of malaria cases and deaths occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa. The economic and social burden of malaria is devastating to families and communities. Yet malaria is preventable and curable with the right interventions.

Our work is constantly evolving to meet emerging needs and opportunities. We focus our efforts on advocacy within endemic countries, within Rotary and within the global NGO network.

We expand malaria education through presentations a Rotary club meetings, District Conferences, International Conventions and community presentations.

We value our strategic partnerships with National, Regional and Provincial Health officials, PATH/MACEPA, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Peace Corps, UNICEF, the Alliance for Malaria Prevention, Pilgrim Africa, the US President’s Malaria Initiative, and with Rotary organizations.

Our Small Grants Program aims to empower Rotary Clubs in malaria endemic regions to take direct action in controlling the spread of malaria in their communities. Each local project must address needs carefully defined by community leaders, utilize current best malaria control practices, and provide measurable and attainable goals.

Malaria Partners International

MISSION: To ignite an international Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication
of Malaria.

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