By Cynthia Pacutho, Administrator, Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda

The fight against Malaria in Uganda has for so long largely utilized the science around the epidemic with visible yet slow victories. In recent years however, there is a high demand for advocacy on the frontline.

The first quarter of 2021 saw Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda (RMPU) being welcomed into a team including the World Health Organization African Leadership Malaria Alliance and Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Malaria (UPFM) among others – by the Ministry of Health’s National Malaria Control Division to review progress and plans towards establishing a multi-sectoral approach to malaria control and elimination in Uganda. Under objective 6 of the Uganda Malaria Reduction and Elimination Strategic Plan 2021-2025, by 2025 80% of districts will have strengthened their ability to deliver malaria interventions and measure progress through coordinated partnership and multi-sectoral collaboration.

RMPU is on a mission to ignite a national Rotarian campaign for the eradication of malaria in Uganda. The organization has since held meetings with UPFM to discuss the Advocacy Agenda to be presented on the floor of Parliament in the near future. As a committed group of advocates collectively championing viable solutions for a malaria-free Uganda, RMPU is leveraging collective action and resources towards elimination of malaria, and consequently sustainable livelihood and development across the country.




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