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Same Fight

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Jenny Andrews, Executive Director

20 November 2020

Our name has changed but our mission remains steadfast: To Ignite a Rotary Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria.

The mission and vision of Malaria Partners International are closely aligned with two of Rotary International’s seven areas of focus:  Disease Prevention & Treatment and Maternal & Child Health. Malaria Partners International was founded by members of Rotary.  The board is composed of Rotary Members from across the United States, and it works with Rotary Clubs around the world to reduce the burden of malaria.

Jenny Andrews, executive director of Malaria Partners International gives us a look at what we are doing to prevent malaria and address its effects on maternal and child health.

Photos by Paul Ishii

Malaria Partners International does this by collaborating with Rotary Clubs and with an expanding field of partners that includes The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH/MACEPA, World Vision, UNICEF, and many others. The new name says it all:

We work to end MALARIA

With many PARTNERS


As the new name suggests, Malaria Partners International is forging new global partnerships and deepening its bonds with current partners, while staying close to its Rotary roots.

Visit us at www.malariapartnersinternational.org to learn how you can partner with Malaria Partners International to eradicate this preventable and treatable disease that still affects over 200 million people each year.

“Rotary is at the very heart of our work” said Executive Director, Jenny Andrews. “Please reach out to me at info@malariapartnersinternational.com if you would like to schedule one of our board members to present to your Rotary club. We have seen the success that Rotarians have had in the global fight to eradicate polio, and we are using that same model in the battle against malaria.”

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