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MPZim’s mission to ignite a global Rotarian campaign for the eradication of malaria. 

Malaria Partners Zimbabwe (MPZim) was set up after the realisation that the rising malaria cases in the country needed urgent intervention. In that regard Rotarians in Zimbabwe joined hands so that they become part of the Malaria elimination force. MPZim’s board is chaired by Rotarian Sam Chikowore and composed of Rotarians from different Rotary Clubs around the country who bring their diverse skills and passion. MPZim is an affiliate of MPI and seeks to collaborate with partners and all stakeholders who share the common goal of malaria elimination.  MPZim’s objective is to see Zimbabwe declared totally Malaria free from within and across all the frontiers surrounding the country.

Zimbabwe is a member of the Elimination 8 (E8) in which countries have collaborated to reduce the burden of malaria in Africa.

The first target area for MPZim is Mudzi District in Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe where we are working in partnership with The Methodist Church In Zimbabwe in a project which involves engaging Village Healthcare workers (VHW) and other strategic partners in changing behaviour and attitudes towards malaria elimination interventions.

We look forward to MPZim covering more areas of operation in the near future and The Rotary Club network in the country will serve as a necessary convenience to spread the message advocacy towards elimination of malaria.

Malaria Partners Zimbabwe Leadership


Get to Know the MPZim Leadership

Sam Chikowore, MPZim Board Chair

Sam is married with a son and daughter, both above the age of 18.  Sam is a Christian anchored in values of high ethical standards and integrity. Sam’s background is entrepreneurship with interests in mineral exploration, energy minerals, real estate and yellow equipment rentals. Sam has served as a director on company boards both in executive and non-executive capacities.

Rotary: Sam joined the Rotary Club in December 2012. Sam has served Rotary in the following capacities:

Club: Club Fellowship Committee (1year); Club Administration Committee (4 years) – 2 years as Director; Foundation and fundraising (1year); New Generations Committee (1year); Club Service Projects Committee (2 years); Club President (2017 -2018); Malaria Project Champion (1 year); Club Learning Facilitator (Current)

District: Council of Governors for Southern Africa (Host Organising Committee); Practical and Relevant Leadership Skills (1 year) – District Chair; District Training Coordinator (1 year); Malaria Partners Zimbabwe – Organising Committee Chair (4 years); RI President Mark Daniel Maloney  Visit (Host Organising Committee); District Trainer (1 year); Assistant District Governor (1 year); Assistant District Treasurer (2 years); District Conference (Harare 2022) Host Organising Committee -Co-Chair; Rotary Zone Institute Lusaka (Country Promotion Committee); District Administrator (1 year)

Sarah Tembedza ‎, MPZim Board Vice Chair

Sarah is an entrepreneur, Life & business coach and a Rotarian. She has over 30 years of experience in People Management and Business Development.  She has worked for six banks at senior management level and was Group Chief Executive Officer in her last job. She holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management  (MLM) and several Human Resources and Training qualifications. She is an honorary member of the Retail Banking academy (UK), an Alumni of the British Council Interaction Leadership (A Pan African programme). She is a Certified Customer Service Strategist by the Service Quality Institute (USA) and Regional representative of the Institute for Southern Africa. Sarah is passionate about making a difference in Africa particularly in the lives of the underprivileged, youth and those with the desire to take action. She is a board of trustee of the following organizations: MCZ: Isdell: Flowers (USA)  Malaria Elimination, Child Resource Institute , Resthaven Retreat, Destiny Helpers Trust. She sat on the following boards in the past, Ardent Incorporated, Young Women Leadership in Africa (YWLA), Perfect soft skills, United Theological college and Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. She is a co-owner of Padsor Enterprises and Co -Founder of Destiny Helpers Trust. Sarah is an award winner for being among 101 Iconic Global coaches for 2023, awarded by Ascent India. She was awarded youth Coach and Grooming coach for 2023 awarded by ICMF. Sarah has been a Rotarian for three years, and a Director for projects in 2022-2023 year. She was the first to apply for an MPI malaria small grant for Msasa Club. She currently chairs Methodist church in Zimbabwe Malaria programme and is coordinator for the Zimbabwe Faith leaders Advocacy for Malaria elimination (FLAME).

Sara Page-Mtongwiza, MPZim Board Director

Sara Page-Mtongwiza is a Health Education- Health Promotion Specialist with over 22 years’ experience in manging public health and development programs in sub-Saharan Africa. I have worked as a program director, writer, facilitator, and researcher, and contributed to the development of a wide range of national/regional policies, programs and publications related to HIV prevention, care and treatment, gender, sexual and reproductive health, as well as food security/nutrition, maternal and child health. In my previous capacity as Deputy Director of the regional organization, SAfAIDS (Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service), I led the program design, management, and mobilisation of resources for diverse national and regional health and development programs. I am passionate about integrating new media and information technologies for improved health promotion and behaviour change communication as well as integration of mental health, documenting local knowledge and strengthening support for health care workers (in facilities or communities). In my current post as Chief of Party with OPHID, I lead a consortium of local Zimbabwean organisations providing technical support and direct service delivery in support of the MOHCC’s HIV Prvention, Care and Treatment, and eMTCT programs. The TASQC program provides support to 320 public health facilities and surrounding communities in 15 districts of Zimbabwe. The program has also recently integrated support for accelerating delivery of COVID-19 vaccine and ensuring contiuity of services during COVID lockdown.

Lorna Nyoni, MPZim Secretary

Lorna Nyoni joined the Rotary club of Bulawayo in November 2018 and served as the club President in 2022 to 2023. With a solid club foundation she grabbed an opportunity to develop action plans backed by solid dreams. RLI (The Rotary Leadership Institute) made it possible in achieving these goals and helped her see things differently. She currently is the New Generation’s chair. She also has participated in the Rotary Family Health Day and the on-going Polio campaigns. She became the fundraising secretary of the District Conference (DISCON) in 2022. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and 15 years’ experience in finance, she was assigned other duties among other including HR, Procurement, campus management and development. She previously worked in the tourism Industry as a Branch Accountant with an added responsibility of a duty manager. Her favorite place right now, is to respond to what she perceives as a meaningful call to action and to seek aligned opportunities. She has further embarked on a new course – Development Studies which will help in her advocacy for PWD (persons with disabilities) among other. She is a member of Rotary Disability Advocacy. Lorna is committed to listening, learning and team work to bring meaningful change. Motto: “You are in charge of your day.”

Trudy Mhlanga-Ncube, MPZim Board Member

“Malaria is a major obstacle to economic development in many parts of the world. By supporting malaria programs, we can help to improve the health of workers and their families, which can lead to increased pro­­ductivity and economic growth.”

Brenda Nyoni, MPZim Marketing and Communications Director

Brenda is a Marketer by profession with 15+ years experience which has been gathered from across different industries which include Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals. She currently heads the Export Department for a leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Zimbabwe.
Brenda has interacted with both the Public and Private sector markets of 12 African countries in the supply chain of Medical products. This includes interactions with organizations such as NGOs, Government Central Medical Stores, Medical Distributors and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. These countries are Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Eswatini, Mauritius, Malawi , Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Brenda joined Rotary in 2017 and has served in the following Club offices:

  • Fellowship and Fundraising Chair 2018-2019
  • New Generations Chair 2022-2023

Brenda has also served in the District Rotaract Committee in the year 2021-2022.

Dr. Sam Mutapure, MPZim Programs Director

Dr Samson Mutapure is a registered Medical Practitioner as well as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. He is an epidemiologist with special interest in malaria control and elimination. He has worked in Mudzi district that is among districts with the highest malaria burden in the country. Dr Samson is determined to fight against malaria in Zimbabwe through various interventions, supporting the efforts of Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Joshua Chimanda, MPZim Finance Director

Personal:  Josh obtained a BCOMPT degree from UNISA and completed his articles of clerkship with KPMG Chartered Accountants. Since then he has worked for financial services organisations (a merchant bank and a commercial bank) for a period totalling over 20 years. Josh is currently working as a Group Company Secretary for a Group with interests in the agricultural, energy and financial services sector. He serves as a Director on the Boards of a number of companies.

Rotary:  Josh joined the Rotary Club of Msasa on 20 June 1998.He has served the Club in various capacities, amongst some of them as Secretary, Treasurer, Foundation Chair and Director of Club Services. He was the Club President during the Rotary year 2001/2002. At District level Josh has served as an Assistant District Trainer and Assistant Governor for a period of three years in each case. Josh was the District 9210 Governor during the year 2008/2009 whose theme was “MAKE DREAMS REAL”. Josh has also served at District and Rotary Level as follows:

 as a member of the Reach Out to Africa (ROTA) committee for three years and a further three years as Vice Chair South Africa of the same committee, as District Rotary Foundation Chair, District Peace Fellowships Subcommittee Chair, Council of Legislation Representative, District Stewardship Subcommittee Chair, Aide to RI Presidents and RIPPRs and as the Rotary International President Personal Representative.

 Josh is a multi Paul Harris Fellow.

He enjoys watching sports related activities, movies and travelling.

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