Malaria Partners Zambia

We are pleased to announce the legal formation of Malaria Partners Zambia (MPZ). MPZ will pursue the Copperbelt Zambia malaria elimination project in cooperation with the Government of Zambia, PATH/MACEPA, World Vision, Malaria Partners International (Malaria Partners International) and Rotary Clubs committed to eradicating malaria. Rotary’s role in the project would be to generate funding to train the 3,500 Community Health Workers needed to complement the Government’s elimination efforts in the Copperbelt over the period 2018-2021.

Community Health Workers Trained

Population Served by Community Health Workers


Funding for Small Grants Projects

The Project

MPZ has established an Executive Administrator, co-chairs, and an impressive membership. Martha Lungu is the Assistant District Governor for District 9210, past president of the Rotary Club of Ndola and is the executive administrator. The co-chairs are Modestine Kaoma, Rotary Club of Mufulira, and Dr. Mwangala Muyendekwa, Rotary Club of Kalulushi. MPZ member and Mufulira Rotarian, Dr. Charles Chiponda, represents Zambia on the National Malaria Elimination Commission.

Strengthening Neighborhood Health Committees In Zambia

Strengthening Neighborhood Health Committees In Zambia

Neighborhood Health Committees are the lowest level of the Zambian health system. A step below the clinics, NHCs have the mandate of supervising the Community Health Workers and other community-based volunteers. They are also responsible for identifying and nominating community members to serve as CHWs.

Malaria Partners International

MISSION: To ignite an international Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication
of Malaria.

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