Few things give me as much joy or fill me with as much pride as being a Rotarian.  And today, I’m happy to share this important fact with you:  Since Malaria Partners International (MPI) was founded in 2009, nearly 100 Rotary clubs around the world have partnered with MPI in the lifesaving fight to end malaria.  Today, that engagement is more important than ever. 

Rotary clubs provide financial support for projects that distribute insecticide-treated bed nets, clean up mosquito breeding grounds, educate people about the cause, testing, and treatment of malaria, and train Community Health Workers to provide those services right in their own communities.  

The best news of all is that every dollar contributed to Malaria Partners International – by Rotary clubs, individual Rotarians, and community supporters – is matched 1:1 by the Gates Foundation where they believe as strongly as we do in the power of Rotary.  They have seen what Rotarians have done to eradicate polio, and they know that whatever Rotarians take on, we will achieve. 

MPI played a key role in the award of Rotary’s first $2 million Programs of Scale grant. Thanks to MPI, “Partners for a Malaria Free Zambia” includes the Gates Foundation and World Vision as full partners. This $6 million program is training 2,500 CHWs and will provide 1.3 million rural Zambians with critical healthcare close to home. Every day, these volunteer CHWs, with support from Rotary, are saving lives.   

Today, I invite you to join me in becoming a monthly contributor to Malaria Partners International. Consistent giving ensures consistent financial resources to support the CHWs with important medicines, equipment and ongoing training.  Monthly donations, both large and small, also signal our ongoing commitment to the CHWs and incredible work they are doing. And best of all, each dollar you commit will be matched by the Gates Foundation, doubling your impact in the fight to end malaria. 

Please use this link to make your recurring monthly donation today. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Yours in Rotary Service, 

Jenny Andrews 

Executive Director 

Malaria Partners International 


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