The Malaria Prevalence Eradication Among Rural Community in Yumbe, Uganda is a small grant combatting malaria in their community. This grant is funded by Malaria Partners International Small Grants Program and the host clun, Rotary Club of Yumbe. The project kicked off in April, below are photos from the project launch.


Malaria net demonstrations and community awareness program

The project will conduct activities including malaria testing and treating, community mobilization, the training of Village Health Teams (VHTs), data reporting and surveying, and radio talks to spread awareness. 

The Rotary Club of Yumbe will:

-Liaise with the District Health Office, Local Council Leaders, elders and follow up with communities to grow awareness on malaria transmission, prevention and curative measures at household and community levels 
-Participate in the implementation of malaria eradication program with the VHTs, community leaders and the staff of the Yumbe Hospital. 
-Liaise with MPI for radio spots, and DJ mentions on a station (in two languages) with messaging on malaria prevention
–VHTs will report on malaria control, prevention and treatment; recruit more VHTs as necessary 
-Prepare press reports about small grants and submit through media outlets.
-Complete reports and audits for Malaria Partners Uganda and a final project report. 


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