In its second year, Malaria Partners West Africa (MPWA) continues to make strides in malaria prevention and education across West Africa.  In 2023, MPWA reached nearly 400,000 people through educational and environmental programs. Over 70 Rotarians from the ten countries of Rotary District 9101’s Malaria Committee strengthened these efforts. 

By Dr. Emma Bruce, Executive Director,  Malaria Partners West Africa

MPWA serves as a coordinating body of the Rotary District 9101 Subcommittee on Malaria to ensure that malaria prevention programs in our District receive grants to carry out malaria prevention activities in each of the 10 West African Countries of the Rotary District 9101 and to ensure that funds are available for the administrative work of the Rotary District 9101 Subcommittee on Malaria. Rotarians from about 60 Rotary Clubs in 10 West African Countries have participated in malaria prevention related activities.

An estimate of 400,000 people has been impacted during malaria prevention awareness educational community outreach programs such as community educational awareness programs and environmental cleaning up exercises, Radio programs and billboards display thanks to the MPI Small Grant for countries in Rotary D9101 West Africa.

In 2023 there were the participation of about 70 Rotarians in various countries of the Rotary District 9101 Malaria Committee and those who attended the AMG of the Joint Rotary Malaria Committees & MPWA. In a couple of the countries, the Rotary malaria committee received guidance and support from various partners from non-governmental organizations such as PMI and Save the Children Foundation.

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