Malaria Partners Uganda is commemorating World Mosquito Day by hosting a blood drive in partnership with regional blood banks and the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services. 

Anaemia is one of the leading causes of death among children who present with severe malaria and danger signs. Malaria is one of the largest contributors to consumption of blood in health facilities. Severe Malaria consumes over 40% of blood in in-patient facilities across the country.

This commemoration will take place in the Namutumba District. The region serves a large population (~5 million) yet there aren’t many blood banks, only one blood collection and distribution center located in Jinja. The sub-region needs a blood bank for the storing collected blood or blood products to cater for its ever-

Announcements will be aired on the radio to mobilize people to come and donate blood. This will be complemented with social mobilization activities with the use of rig trucks and mega phones and community resource mobilization personnel (CPRS) to enhance the radio communication. The drive intends to collect a minimum of 1000 units of blood, enough to save around lives.

Malaria Partners Uganda with District Rotarians have an ambition of supporting the sub-region in meeting the increased demand for safe blood donation and transfusion in Namutumba District in collaboration with Uganda Blood Transfusion services. This requires more resources to meet the increased demand and efficiency in utilizing such resources.  


In the long term, MFU intends to:


  • Establish a regional blood bank at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.

  • Increase resources for blood and blood products in the region.

  • Increase capacity to screen and store blood and blood products.

  • Improve community participation in blood donation activities

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