In the first quarter of 2024, Malaria Partners Uganda (MPU) has been at the forefront of several impactful initiatives aimed at eradicating malaria in Uganda. This post highlights the key activities undertaken, each accompanied by a photo to showcase our efforts and the vibrant community involvement.

Board Members’ Engagement

2024 began with active engagement from MPU board members across various committees. The Programs Committee, Finance Committee, and a full Board meeting took place in January, focusing on the annual work plan, budget, and the approval of the 5-year strategic plan and the Child to Family (C2F) school program.

Photo: Board members in a strategic planning meeting.

Support to Rotary Clubs for Small Grants

MPU supported several Rotary and Rotaract Clubs with small grants to facilitate malaria eradication projects. This support included outreach to multiple clubs and the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for the grants.

Launch of the C2F (Child to Family) School Program

The C2F program, piloted by RaC Kampala North, was launched on March 16th, 2024, at Malwa UMEA Primary School. The C2F program aims to educate children on malaria prevention and management, turning them into advocates for malaria elimination. Malwa UMEA Primary School, with nearly 200 students, now has a strong team of young malaria advocates.

MPU supported the program by providing 100 mosquito nets, malaria drugs, 100 mosquito repellent plants, and assorted IEC materials to create malaria awareness corners in each classroom and a talking compound.

RaC Kampala North recruited two community health workers (VHTs) to conduct testing and treatment. If a child tests positive for malaria, the health workers test and treat their family members as well. They also distribute mosquito nets to children without them.

Two teachers were appointed as C2F School Patrons to support the health workers and help educate children about malaria prevention. A nursery for repellent plants was also established, allowing children to propagate these plants at home to repel mosquitoes.

The program recruited 25 student champions who received training on malaria prevention and management. They will support each other and follow up at home. T-shirts and wristbands with malaria prevention information were also distributed.

The program has expanded to Hindocha Primary School in Bugiri District, where it was launched on April 22 by MPU Board member Bernard Osenda Hamala. This school has 2,000 students from over 10 villages, making them powerful ambassadors in the fight against malaria.

Engagement with Stakeholders

A stakeholder meeting was held on March 4th, 2024, to introduce the C2F program. Attendees included district health officials, school management, parents, and local council representatives.

Photo: Stakeholders meeting at Malwa UMEA Primary School.

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<p>Group photo at the launch of the Child to Family (C2F) school program by Malaria Partners Uganda at Malwa UMEA Primary School, featuring members of the Rotaract Club of Kampala North, local leaders, community members, and students holding posters of the proposed multipurpose hall.

Media and Publicity

The C2F program received substantial media coverage, including radio, TV, and online platforms. This exposure helped raise awareness about the program and MPU’s efforts in malaria eradication.

Article: https://www.newvision.co.ug/category/health/ugandans-warned-against-self-medication-to-tr-NV_184208#google_vignette

PAG @androarga ,one of our board directors @MPUganda taking lead in setting up of Talking Sign posts bearing messages rallying pupils on ways to fight against Malaria at Malwa Umea P/S.

Financial Status and Future Plans

MPU reported a budget expenditure of UGX 45,885,900 (USD 12,746) for the first quarter of 2024. Planned activities for the next quarter include commemorating World Malaria Day and expanding the C2F program.

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