By Royce Gloria Androa, Board Member, Malaria Partners Uganda

In 2023, Malaria Partners Uganda (MPU) embarked on an unwavering mission to combat malaria, employing multifaceted strategies of stakeholder engagement and community involvement. MPU orchestrated a series of impactful initiatives, demonstrating its steadfast commitment to eradicating this debilitating disease.

On World Malaria Day, MPU engaged the community members and schoolchildren of Nagongera in Tororo district, 30 men and women participated in a bike ride, 50 school children performed drama skits on malaria, 335 people were tested and 100 treated. A friendly football match between the district health team and community health workers attracted a large crowd, some of whom donated blood. This endeavor aimed at amplifying the message to raise awareness about malaria’s causes and its socioeconomic impact on households, and garnering public support.








Photo: 1 World Malaria Day Nagongera Tororo: Mothers and schoolchildren received ITNs and antimalarial drugs & the bike ride for malari

MPU Board Members spearheaded a country wide Rotarian campaign dedicated to eliminating malaria. Notably, 35 Presidents and service project chairs from D9214 and D9213 were equipped through training to write and apply for the small grants from MPI, fortifying the collective effort.


Photo: 2: World Malaria Day : Test & treat in Machangana village, Yumbe

In a community-driven endeavor, RC Yumbe orchestrated a test-and-treat activity, resulting in the testing of 2,473 individuals in three villages, of whom 1,503 tested positive for malaria. These individuals received full doses of anti-malarial drugs. Trained community health workers aka Village health teams, played a pivotal role in conducting this initiative, emphasizing community participation in disease management.

On World Mosquito day, commemorated in Masaka, two hundred seventy-two (272) individuals received healthcare services; 50 tested positive to malaria and were treated by health workers including a medical team from the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF), 72 individuals donated blood.

Photo: 3: Blood donation- Masaka

MPU engaged with the Uganda Parliamentary Malaria Forum, aiming to advocate for policy reforms and increased budget allocation to combat malaria effectively. Furthermore, strategic partnerships and collaborations were fostered with the twelve (12) private sector organizations to streamline the supply chain of essential commodities, specifically focusing on nets and vector control management among employees.

A new program Manager, Eva Kagona came aboard in August 2023; The Board is reviewing all policy documents and developing a strategic plan for the 2024-2029.

Through a tapestry of community engagement, strategic collaborations, advocacy efforts, and proactive initiatives, Malaria Partners Uganda continued its resolute march towards eradicating malaria in Uganda, paving the way for a healthier and malaria-free future.

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