By Jim Mulry, Malaria Partners International Board Member

Malaria Partners International is joining the Merck Global Health Institute (MGHI) funding the education of healthcare workers in Ghana to use microscopy to diagnose malaria, classify, anemia, and conduct leukocyte analysis. In Ghana, there is a shortage of technologists trained in blood microscopy. According to the World Health Organization, malaria is the number one killer in Ghana during 2020, especially among the poorest populations. Children often become anemic when infected with malaria.  Leukocyte analysis helps to identify co-infectious fevers like COVID 19 and Dengue. Thus, blood cell analysis can impact healthcare strengthening in many ways.

We plan to educate 100 healthcare workers in hematology microscopy.  Classes will be conducted at the prestigious Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, part of the University of Ghana.  Due to the pandemic, Ghana is still in shutdown with both the Accra Airport and the University of Ghana closed.

The good news is that COVID infections are decreasing in Ghana!  The University of Ghana and the Ghana Malaria Control Program are still committed to the project.  Both Malaria Partners International and MGHI are ready to initiate the classes once clearance is provided by government authorities.



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