At the most recent Malaria Partners International board meeting, the board unanimously approved a new small grant entitled, “Kuluva Hospital/Rotary Club Of Arua & Community Partnership Action On Malaria Project.


In Arua District, Uganda, which is situated in West Nile region, Malaria is still the disease that tops the morbidity and mortality. Despite significant reduction of Malaria prevalence rate 65% in 2009, 45% in 2014 and 19% in 2017, there is still high attendance of Outpatient visit (OPD) and Admission in health facilities. In Vurra County, where Kuluva Hospital is located, Malaria is more prominent than in any other county in Arua District. There exists gap in awareness at household levels on Malaria Transmission, insufficient preventive measures, inadequate malaria medicines and testing kits despite global support in the fight against malaria in villages in Vurra County.


Kuluva Hospital will establish a partnership and provide funding support for the programme implementation of the improvement collaborative approach to community with Malaria Partners International (Malaria Partners International) to intervene in 2 parishes of Anzu and Ombaderuku with the highest malaria burden in Vurra county and then roll out gradually in the second (2) phase.

Key Intervention Activities in Phase I

  • Distribution of 300 Long Lasting Mosquito nets (LLIN) to two parishes of Anzu & Ombaderuku
  • Supply of 2,000 doses of anti-malaria medicines to treat patients diagnosed with Malaria;
  • Provision of 50 Malaria branded T-Shirts for Malaria leadership awareness at community level
  • Community sensitization in 2 parishes of Anzu and Ombaderuku;
  • Radio Talk show on Malaria burden reduction strategies;
  • Provision of Bicycles for village community leaders to follow up on appropriate control;


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