Rotary members and global health partners are coming together to eliminate malaria in the most endemic areas of the world.  Rotarian Emil Muta tells the heartbreaking story of loosing his son and his wife to malaria.  Former Malaria Partners International Vice Chair Jim Moore follows by saying that malaria has killed more human beings than any other disease in history. Even today, there are 425,000 deaths each year, half of whom are children.  But there is hope.  Rotary members are demonstrating they can break the cycle in Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia through strategic partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pilgrim Africa, PATH and World Vision.  Join the Copperbelt project and train village health workers, provide malaria testing kits and antimalarial medicine.

Former Malaria Partners International Chair Larry Granat and Jim describe the stunning results achieved in Phase I of the Uganda Global Grant project.  Through the combined use of insecticide treated bednets, indoor residual spraying and malaria prevention treatment, prevalence was reduced 83% for 48,000 people.  With the help of the club leaders watching, this proven model can achieve these results for rural villagers in many more African countries.  Current Malaria Partners International Vice Chair and Past District 5030 Governor Ezra Teshome joins them to say the leaders watching have the opportunity to end malaria for 2.5 million people in the Copperbelt. The film ends with Emil, Jim, Larry and Ezra saying that by working together, Rotary members can help end a disease that kills a child every two minutes.

The film was written by Malaria Partners International Board member Corinne Cavanaugh and the participants, and directed and edited by Rotarian Alex Porter from Aspen Colorado.

Find out how you and your Rotary club can join these important service projects and help eliminate malaria.

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