We are working on compiling our organizational successes in an annual report to share with our members and supporters. Below are a few highlights we want to acknowledge as we grow.

Malaria Partners International’s efforts, in concert with other partners, can reduce malaria morbidity and meet the World Health Organization’s (WHO) criteria for national or sub-national pre-elimination.

  • Rotary members working together: As of June 2018 over 55 Rotary Clubs and Districts in 4 countries have joined Malaria Partners International supported malaria control grants in Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Uganda Project: Our Rotary global-grant funded interventions drove malaria prevalence in Uganda’s Katakwi District sub-county of Kapujan from greater than 50% incidence rate to 5%. In 2018, we provided malaria interventions to 8,000 families, 48,000 people in three sub-counties of Katakwi District, Uganda. This year we lead an 18-person delegation to visit our multi-faceted malaria intervention in Uganda.
  • Partnerships: Malaria Partners International has formed strong, collaborative partnerships with National, Regional and Provincial Health officials, Pilgrim Africa, PATH, World Vision, BMGF, the Peace Corps and the USAID President’s Malaria Initiative to fight malaria in East Africa.
  • Zambia Project: We are collaborating with Rotary members in Zambia, the Zambia Ministry of Health, The Alliance for Malaria Prevention, and PATH to coordinate a major project in the Copperbelt.
  • Fundraising: We have exceeded our fundraising goal. Your contributions have allowed us to support several significant malaria elimination projects in the Zambian Copperbelt and Katakwi District of Uganda as well as fund our small grant program to Rotary clubs implementing malaria intervention projects around the world.
  • Small Grants: We made our first gift under our new Small Grant Program to the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne. The small grant supported a large bed net distribution to an area of Venezuela seeing a significant resurge of malaria. We also supported the launch of in-country malaria focused Rotarian groups in Zambia and Uganda, which will have the responsibility to define and provide the execution strength for ongoing malaria elimination efforts in those countries.

Advocacy: This year we Malaria Partners International representatives attended events in an advocacy capacity including: The Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP) in Geneva, Switzerland; Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIN) Conference, Dakar, Senegal; London Malaria Summit, Uganda Cancer Institute, District 9211 Conference – Entebbe and the Zambia Copperbelt Province Rotary members Meeting on Malaria Elimination.

Malaria Partners International looks forward to an even more exciting 2018-2019 year and invites all interested Rotary members to join our advocacy efforts and our trips to project sites.  We remain deeply appreciative of all the support we have received from you. Thank you!

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