Global Grants

Since its inception, Malaria Partners International (MPI) has assisted in twelve large malaria Global grants, in addition to dozens of smaller grants, in malaria endemic regions throughout the world. This experience and expertise delivers both effectiveness and broad international Rotary club participation. Our affiliates – Malaria Partners Uganda, Malaria Partners Zambia and Malaria Partners West Africa – provide coordination and support for in-country Rotary clubs initiating malaria Global grants while U.S. based MPI connects those clubs with international Rotary partners to fund the projects. This collaboration was the foundation for Rotary International’s first Programs of Scale $2 million grant to Partners for a Malaria Free Zambia.

Uganda Malaria Eradication Project

Global Grant #2229453

Our latest Malaria Elimination Project (Global Grant #2229453) is aimed to eradicate malaria in Uganda, specifically in the provinces of Katakwi and Soroti. Partnering with MPI on this project are the host Rotary Clubs of Oklahoma City and Muyenga (Kampala, Uganda).  Village Health Teams (VHTs) will be trained and equipped with medical commodities, phones and bicycles to serve 312 villages in Katakwi and ongoing training and provision of commodities to serve 339 villages in Soroti. These VHTs will serve 850,000 Ugandans to provide detection and treatment of malaria and improve basic health outcomes at the community level.  VHTs will reach rural communities and relieve pressure on the few health facilities currently available. This UGANDA VHT Malaria Eradication Project will achieve the following objectives:

  • Training and equipping over 1,700 VHTs
  • Building community health infrastructure to increase access to rapid malaria diagnosis and treatment.
  • Ensure sustainability through partnerships including the Ministry of Health.

The estimated budget for this project is $1.2 million.  MPI and our partners rely on support of Rotarians to accomplish this mission.  Funds raised will be matched by World Vision and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International and RAM Global. Rotarians can take opportunity to be a part of this partnership by:

  • Committing Club or Individual funds
  • Involving your District
  • Contact MPI to schedule a presentation for your Club or District

Refresher Training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the Copperbelt District of Zambia

Global Grant #2234108

It is time to initiate the retraining and reequipping of 501 CHWs who were trained in 2019 and 2020 in the above-referenced districts through Rotary’s Copperbelt Malaria Elimination projects, Phases 1 and 1A.  The timing of the retraining follows Zambia’s National Malaria Elimination Centre’s Guidelines. The training course will utilize the integrated Community Case Management + curriculum for refresher training.  The official Rotary host club is the Rotary Club of Ndola Mukuba (in close cooperation with the Rotary Club of Kitwe).  The official International Partner Club is the Rotary Club of Federal Way (in close cooperation with the Rotary Club of Aspen).

The CHWs have now been attached to their rural health facilities for almost 2-3 years.  They have strived to prevent malaria in their communities and to timely detect and treat this deadly disease using the knowledge from their original training and their ongoing experience as part of Zambia’s rural health system.  Early detection, at the community level, can dramatically reduce severe cases of malaria and death.  The CHWs are now testing and treating for more than 50% of all the cases in their districts, allowing the health facilities to concentrate on other urgent health concerns.  The CHWs also received training in diagnosing diarrhea and lung disease, cases which they often refer to the health facility to which they are attached.  At a ratio of 1 CHW per 500 residents, they provide last kilometer health care for about 250,000 Zambians.

The current budget for the Global Grant is $365,000.  This funding covers the costs of the retraining course (transport, lodging, meals, training materials and the trainers and support personnel); distribution of new phones for the data CHWs and the facilities; repairing of bicycles; new Rotary branded back packs; aprons, boots, Rotary shirts and caps and replenishment of PPE.  The budget also provides for Talk Time for the CHWs and facilities to report case data, which is entered into the District Health Information System 2 (SHIS2) and data audits at the CHW and facility levels.

Your support for this important health system strengthening project would be most appreciated. Your contribution will be matched 100% by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Thank you!

Why not your club?

You don’t have to initiate a Global grant to be a partner in the fight to end malaria! Malaria Partners can connect you with an existing grant to train and equip Community Health Workers in Africa. Even the smallest club can be a part of the solution with a financial contribution. Fill out this form if your club is interested in participating in a global grant.


September 2023 Science & Research Report

September 2023 Science & Research Report

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) is launching a new Revolving Facility to negotiate improved supply terms for global health products for the countries it supports. This financial mechanism uses advanced market commitments, including volume guarantees, to drive more affordable access to quality-assured health products and accelerate health product introductions and innovations at greater scale.

MPU-Rotary D9213 Engagement Training Meeting

MPU-Rotary D9213 Engagement Training Meeting

Malaria Partners Uganda engaged with Rotary District 9213 Presidents from the Eastern part of Uganda, for a training and mapping meeting on June 16th to address the currently high burden of malaria in the Eastern part of the country and to understand the critical role...

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