In continuing our ‘get to know‘ an Malaria Partners International board member feature, we are highlighting the rich diversity of the board and how each individual contributes to our mission.

This month we are featuring newly elected board member Marsha Mutisi. Marsha is a trusted, accomplished leader who applies her collaborative skills in mobilizing actions and resources for working groups and service organizations e.g. Washington Global Health Alliance and various immigrant communities in the Pacific Northwest. Currently Marsha is a Senior Finance Audit Principal at Nordstrom. Her prior professional background focused on management consulting with Accenture and mostly at Microsoft as well as several other major companies in the Pacific Northwest.  She holds a Bsc degree in Business Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening in her backyard and community gardens, live music events and spending time with her two children.


1) What makes Malaria Partners International’s mission (To ignite an International Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria) meaningful to you?
I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and currently have all my family members living in Sub-Saharan Africa including my 2-year-old son – this mission means a lot to me as malaria is a disease I am familiar with first hand! 

2)  How does your current role tie into your role on the Malaria Partners International Board, if at all?

My current role involves financial analysis and business process analysis at Nordstrom. It involves the skills needed by a board member as I am key in ensuring the company mission and goals are met.

3) When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I enjoy spending time with my kids, volunteering within the immigrant communities and gardening.

4) What’s a story of yours that you don’t get to tell often enough?

I setup a high school friend on a blind date with a boy I knew from my Interact club and they just celebrated 23rd wedding anniversary and have 5 kids!!

5) What is one way you think malaria elimination can be achieved?
Kill the mosquitoes!!!
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