In continuing our ‘get to know‘ an Malaria Partners International board member feature, we are highlighting the rich diversity of the board and how each individual contributes to our mission.

This month we are featuring Larry Granat. Larry is retired from the hospitality industry in 2003, after selling the business his wife started that they ran together for 24 years. A happy Rotarian since 1988, Larry has served on or chaired many of the service committees we know today, including being the Vice President of Programs and the President of the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation. Besides traveling to Zambia and Uganda twice on trips to get rid of small pockets of malaria, he has been a part of Malaria Partners International since its inception.

1) What makes Malaria Partners International’s mission (To ignite an International Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria) meaningful to you?
When we can get 1.2 M people worldwide mobilized on the same issue to improve life for all the earth’s inhabitants, we have moved a mountain. I want to be a part of the moving crew.

2)  How does your current role tie into your role on the Malaria Partners International Board, if at all?

I’m retired and find that serving has become an even larger part of my life. Serving is my way of giving back to humanity.

3) When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I spend time every day staying healthy; also spend time most days on Rotary or some other form of service.

4) What’s a story of yours that you don’t get to tell often enough?

Earlier this year, I accepted the responsibility of leading 17 people on a tour to Uganda where they could learn and have a great time all in ten days. I worried about this responsibility until the moment the tour was complete and I could let out a sign of relief.

5) What is one way you think malaria elimination can be achieved?
I don’t see the complete elimination of malaria until there’s a vaccine that works. I believe it will happen in my grandchildren’s lifetime. I’d bank on it.
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