Jim Multry presenting at the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria conference in Dakar,  Senegal, April 2018
In the coming months we will be featuring a signature story highlighting an Malaria Partners International board member.  Our supporters will ‘get to know‘ a member of our board. We aim to showcase the rich diversity of the board and how each individual contributes to our mission.
This month we are featuring newly elected board member Jim Mulry. Jim Mulry works as Head of Diagnostics for the Global Health Initiative for Merck (Germany). Jim brings decades of senior executive management experience in the diagnostic industry. His specialty is introducing new medical technologies into emerging economies. Jim and Genevieve Mulry are relocating to Seattle. They have two sons. Vincent and his bride, Laura, reside in Chicago. Brendan Mulry is an attorney based in Queens, New York City.
1) What makes Malaria Partners International’s mission (To ignite an International Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria) meaningful to you?

I work in the Global Health Initiative for Merck of Germany.  One of our three projects is a holistic approach to defeating malaria including developing new pharmaceuticals, new medical devices, and new diagnostics.  I am responsible for diagnostics. We have two new malaria diagnostic assays in development.

I was very excited to learn about the Rotary Malaria Project from Nancy Osborne and Linda Cheever.  It is a great honor to be asked to join your team! The Rotary has chapters in malaria endemic countries.  This is so important because often global health entities need support locally on the ground. Many of the charities and socially concerned business lack this capacity.  After attending Rotary meetings, I am encouraged by how the Rotary builds business relationships in endemic countries that assist in building strength to address fighting malaria.

2)  How does your current role tie into your role on the Malaria Partners International Board, if at all?

I am also active with several other NGO and government agencies that also have a great concern in defeating malaria globally.  As I learn more about the Malaria Partners International malaria programs, my goal is to pull in organizations also dedicated to the malaria cause. All of these organizations have limited resources.  By combining efforts, together we can make a greater, more sustainable impact.
3) When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I am actively involved as a volunteer board member with the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases.  I am recently on the Advisory Board for the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene as a volunteer. The rest of my time is dedicated to my family.  My bride of 34 years, Genevieve, and I are in the process of selling our home in Phoenix and preparing to move to Seattle.  We have two sons; Vincent and his bride, Laura, live and work in Chicago. Brendan, our youngest, is an attorney living in New York City. My father resides in assisted living in Katy, TX

4) What’s a story of yours that you don’t get to tell often enough?

I have been in a leadership role often in my career.  I have invested over 40 years in the diagnostics industry as an executive manager.  The funny thing is that I mentor several people, some of which are now top corporate executives.
5) What is one way you think malaria elimination can be achieved?
The complete elimination of malaria is a very lofty goal to strive towards.  It will be difficult if not impossible to achieve but it is terrific working towards that goal!  It will take a multilateral effort because it involves product development, social impact, environmental considerations, and tremendous investment.  I see Malaria Partners International as a team that can pull all of these efforts together for a decisive impact.
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