In continuing our ‘get to know‘ an Malaria Partners International board member feature, we are highlighting the rich diversity of the board and how each individual contributes to our mission.

This month we are featuring newly elected board member Harry Short.  Harry believes that the world-wide reduction of malaria is practical and should be a major initiative of Rotary International.  He has  more than 15,000 volunteer hours helping families and children and still work with BSA and Habitat for Humanity and on many Rotary projects as a member of Seattle Rotary and an honorary member of an AZ Rotary club.  His vocation was international manufacturing and corporate management.

1) What makes Malaria Partners International’s mission (To ignite an International Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria) meaningful to you?
The potential for Rotary to achieve a 2nd eradication success and worldwide reputation for service.

2)  How does your current role tie into your role on the Malaria Partners International Board, if at all?

I hope to help build Malaria Partners International visibility, contributions and participation in Arizona.

3) When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, eating, hiking, boating, Scouts & construction.

4) What’s a story of yours that you don’t get to tell often enough?

I’m an experienced and pretty good framer, machinist, and short order cook.

5) What is one way you think malaria elimination can be achieved?
Affordable vaccine & healthcare structures to apply worldwide.
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