Rotarian Malaria Action Group – GLOBAL and Malaria Partners International are proud to announce their first anti-malaria symposium. Learn how malaria is being knocked down by Rotary members, a world – wide effort. Hear about the latest advances in this war against history’s greatest killer of humans. From the cave man to those born today, malaria has been carried by certain mosquitoes destroying armies and civilizations and today focusing on primarily children and pregnant women.

The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Philip Welkhoff, leader of the malaria team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Hear from Dr. Brenda Crabb, Australian professor and scientist about on-going research to develop a vaccine and from a country manager at PATH on efforts to control the spread of the disease by blocking mosquito – human transmission. Learn about the financing outlook for control and elimination from global NGOs and organizations.

After lunch provided by the Symposium, the program explores how Rotary members are tackling the malaria problem, one project at a time. This full day event can be yours beginning at a cost of $60 per person, by registering before 31 December. More information to follow.

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