Past RI President Barry Rassin and Rotary Members photographed with Ezra Teshome, member of Malaria Partners International’s Board of Directors.

The Ethiopian Rotary members Malaria task force has met with Dr. Matthew Murphy of the US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) & CDC, to discuss and understand each other’s role and identify the areas of involvement by each group. This is to avoid duplication of services and support efforts in fighting against Malaria. The overall goal is to partner with the Ministry of Health to identify areas of collaboration and interrupt transmission through active engagement of the affected communities.

Specific Objectives Include the following:

* Activate and enhance Malaria elimination surveillance in the affected areas by improving communication, education & transportation.

* To identify the need, and fill the gap of funding for malaria fighting commodities.

* To observe the transmission season through various events and provide the necessary community education and mobilization

The group will be meeting to discuss and come up with an MOU by the end of October, and we will be informed about the role of Rotary members’ and Malaria Partners International’s recommended involvement to engage and participate in the fight against Malaria. Malaria Partners International’s Ezra Teshome, Board Member and former District Governor, District 5030, is looking forward to planning Malaria Partners International’s trip to participate in the National Immunization Days (NID) and engage in Malaria intervention in Ethiopia next year.

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