Happy Holidays!

In 2022, our goal was to make the year something of which we could be very proud of, that we would drive MPI to truly Ignite a Rotarian Campaign for the Global Eradication of Malaria.

Hold on to your hats, here’s what happened in 2022:

Through our grants and malaria elimination projects in Zambia, Uganda and West Africa, and others, MPI leadership and your help, we have cumulatively trained and equipped 4,056 Community Health Workers that will raise the bar in health care and prevent, test, and treat malaria for more than 2,000,000 people.
Yes, that is right, this year we will be impacting over two and a half million people… 3 times the population of Seattle!
More than just numbers…children will not die, families will not be sick, the future is brighter.

Our fundraising records have been broken!! Thank you for sharing our passion, supporting our grants program, projects, and advocacy. We have reached out to 1.4 million Rotarians with our Eradication of Malaria message through the most recent article in the Rotary Magazine that featured Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones’, visit to Zambia seeing our work with Partners for Malaria Free Zambia first-hand.

Through presentations at local Rotary clubs, District Conferences, Zone Conferences, International Assembly and the grandaddy of them all…the RI International Conference in Houston. It was in Houston we had one-on-one conversations with the Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Directors. RIP Jennifer Jones, PRIP Ravi Ravindran, Lady Ros of the Global Fund and Abigail Pratt of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke at our reception to share their enthusiasm for what we do.

Our breakout session was ‘standing room only’ with over 300 Rotarians attending, learning about the fight to end malaria.
President Jones followed the convention with a trip to Seattle to meet with leaders of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision and MPI to talk about next steps to end malaria.

All of that might be enough… but there is more.

Malaria Partners International emphasizes the importance of partnership. Joining the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision and Pilgrim Africa this year, we have established working relationships with PATH, PMI, the UN Foundation, ALMA, RAM-Global, multiple governments, and Ministries of Health.

We have partnered with over 50 Rotary Clubs in small and global grants.
For the first time we participated in the annual ASTMH conference where we met with our partners and had the opportunity to make some new friends in tropical medicine.
Joining Malaria Partners Zambia and Malaria Partners Uganda, and our newest affiliate is Malaria Partners West Africa. This year alone, Rotarians from around 60 Rotary Clubs in 10 West African Countries have participated in malaria prevention related activities.

But there’s more. In 2022 we:
• Introduced an online grant application and have received over 40 new applications.
• Welcomed 2 new directors: Mike McCleod and Steve Shepelwich.
• Were featured in Rotary International’s podcast series.
• Extended invitations to travel to Zambia and witness our work up-close.
• Renewed all major grants.

There are so many achievements for 2022 that have been made possible by your support and the dedication of our terrific staff. The MPI Directors have all been superstars.
Your time and support brings hope, grace, and health to more than 3 million people.
You are a gift that has made a difference in so many lives. Thank you.

From my heart I wish you peace and love.


Adriana Lanting

Chair, Board of Directors

Malaria Partners International



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