Bukoto Community Education Program

by | Jun 16, 2021


The Rotary Club of Bukoto is located within the municipal area of Kampala, the capitol of Uganda.  Neighboring in the small village of Mulimira, residents are challenged by a lack of access to all types of human resources and services. Since 2007, Bukoto Rotary has been providing health and education services to their neighbors.  

This project is part of a larger overall effort to lower rates of malaria cases.  Specifically, the grant program has the intention of preventing malaria. Malaria Partners International granted $5,000 which was matched by the Gates Foundation for a total of $10,000.

This includes providing insecticide treated bed nets and education of pregnant mothers on receiving treatment for malaria.   

Malaria Partners International (MPI) is funding the training of Village Health Teams, similar to Community Health Workers. This training was provided by the Ministry of Health and local clinic health care professionals. In addition, funding from MPI is going towards community education on prevention of malaria by keeping the environment clear of mosquito breeding spaces. The community was given a mega microphone to assist them in community training and environmental clearing events.  

 The Rotary Club of Bukoto, in line with their long-term relationship with Mulimila, participated in clearing away areas that had standing water and decomposing vegetation for mosquito breeding.  

The relationship the Rotary Club of Bukoto has built with this community is essential to its success.

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