Bukedea School Malaria Prevention Project

by | Jun 16, 2021

The mission of Bukedea Rotary club, in this particular Malaria prevention project is to ignite a Bukedea District campaign for the eradication of Malaria in the whole district. Even with limited resources, the club hopes that through networking and partnership with other developmental partners. Including partners like Rotarian Malaria Partners Uganda (RMPU) and Malaria partners international (MPI). This Rotary Club is developing a committed partnership to champion viable solutions for a malaria-free-Bukedea. This grant will provide testing and treatment for primary school students in the Bukadea region. $5,000 from Malaria Partners International is being matched by the Gates foundation for a total of $10,000.

The Bukedea Rotary Club was chartered in 2018, operating in the Bukedea District located in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The club is currently composed of 8 charted members. While the club is small, they have done a number of projects that have had tremendous positive changes or impact in Bukedea District.  One of them being a malaria prevention project in the P7 level of Government aided primary schools. I am very delighted for the partnership our club has with Malaria Partners International.  

Bukedea Rotary Club President, Martha Lungu, said: 

“As the next president of the club; I have gotten involved in the project activities like getting on the ground to see the situation in these schools-together with the current president we move from school to school, and formulate what needs to be done to improve on the situation.  I am also involved in the sensitization of the parents for information sharing about the malaria project and also help parents know their role in fighting malaria collectively and what they can do with the locally available resources too. For example, what they should do even when the children are with them at home. The parents also get to know what they should do to make their compounds mosquitoes free and many other things that can prevent malaria. 

Finally, I am involved in the testing of the children for malaria whereas a group with other Rotarians; we get to move from school to school to test the children for malaria and those that are found having malaria given medicine that can help them get rid of malaria.” 


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