The Australian Rotary Clubs of Southport, Broadbeach, Hope Island and the Satellite
Club of Southport-Griffith University have initiated a $500,000 fundraising project to
support the ongoing vaccine development work of Professor Michael Good and his team
at the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University. Endorsed by the National Committee
of Rotary members Against Malaria (RAM), the fundraising project supports clinical trials of the
PlasProtecT vaccine developed by Professor Good nearly a decade ago.
This novel malaria vaccine candidate consists of whole malaria parasites, grown in the
laboratory and then chemically treated so that they can no longer replicate. These
treated parasites are then administered as a vaccine to raise an immune response
without causing disease. The vaccine has been produced for animal studies and has
been used for pilot clinical studies in a small sample of human volunteers. The next step
is a more extensive clinical trial in Australia, followed by testing the vaccine in malaria
endemic countries like Papua New Guinea and Uganda. For more information, contact
Rtn Graham Jones (graham.a.g.jones@gmail.com).

To learn more, please access the project’s WEBSITE and join the Facebook page HERE

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