By Linda Cheever, Ambassador, Malaria Partners International

Malaria Partners International has provided funding for two projects in Arua, Uganda aimed at malaria prevention and control. Phase Two launched in December, 2020 with the training and equipping of 21 Village Health Workers (VHTs), to be deployed in two parishes of Arua, a highly malarial area in western Uganda. Fifty staff from project partner Kuluva Hospital and 30 Rotarians and Rotaractors joined in the December session which provided training on the testing and treatment of households in the community, and methodology for data collection to monitor and validate implementation of project goals. Monthly report templates are submitted to the clinical officers at Kuluva hospital for analysis.

Arua Rotarians are playing a leading role in project monitoring and execution and have overseen the procurement of malaria test kits and anti-malarials, and 300 Insecticide treated bed nets. VHTs have been provided with bicycles, tee shirts and megaphones which help to relay malaria prevention education in the community. Radio spots with malaria prevention messages, approved by the Ministry of Health, are being played on Radio Voice of Life and Radio Pacis.

Along with VHT deployment and malaria prevention education, Rotarians are complementing the campaign with messages around environmental clean-up in the compounds, including draining of water and ponds near homes, planting of mosquito repellant plants, closing doors and windows early, using Insecticide treated bed nets, and testing for malaria before self-medication.

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