Uganda Advocates Convene to tackle Malaria

by | Mar 15, 2022

By Cynthia E. Pacutho, Program Coordinator, Malaria Partners Uganda

While we are aware of the challenges of the national Malaria context in our current effort to advocate for the elimination of Malaria in Uganda, we also acknowledge the strategic opportunities it presents to rethink Malaria. We also cannot undermine the influence of government leadership in policy and practice around Malaria eradication.

On Thursday 3rd March 2022, Malaria Partners Uganda (MPU) hosted 30 varied private sectors, CSO, government, and Media representatives to a first of its kind stakeholder meeting to establish a Coalition of Malaria Actors for the enactment of the Malaria Control & Elimination Bill, reach a consensus and solid framework for future collaborative action and create a platform to gather and share information for further engagement. The convening is in line with MPU’s Advocacy plan to Rally relevant stakeholders for engagement around Malaria Advocacy issues.

Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Malaria (UPFM) presented a unique, strategic platform to rally Malaria Actors to galvanize efforts towards fast-tracking the enactment of the Malaria Control and Elimination Bill. Plateauing foreign funding for Malaria programs (that covers 95% of the Health budget) and the need to take stock of the President’s commitments at CHOGM 2018 Malaria summit in London, UK- among which is the commitment to halve Malaria by 2023 – make the enactment of the Malaria Control and Elimination Bill urgent.

Participants were informed of their Advocacy role in the enactment of the bill; Placing the issue on the national policy and legislative agenda to make it a priority discussion and part of public debate; Generating government buy-in i.e. presidential commitment, and Conducting research and collecting data for adequate information sharing.

The meeting was closed with commitments to generate awareness and public support for the Bill through media; participate in the upcoming presidential dialogue on Malaria; support further Research into Malaria prevention, control and eventual elimination; Establish a Knowledge base on Malaria e.g. vaccines, technological interventions, etc. and Continuous engagement of Participants on other Malaria issues.

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